Máy Đo Sáng Sekonic L208

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Máy đo sáng L-208 TwinMate
The Sekonic L-208 TwinMate is a palm-sized analog light meter for hand-held incident and reflected ambient light readings. It can also be mounted onto a camera or bracket using the included hot-shoe adapter for quick, camera-positioned reference readings. Though designed primarily for entry-level users, long-time shooters look to the Sekonic L-208 TwinMate as an accurate, easy-to-stow, back-up meter. Owners of rangefinder cameras who desire an incident and reflected meter also appreciate the included shoe mount.
The lumisphere enables accurate incident readings. Retract the lumisphere to take reflective readings. A hold-and-read function maintains readings for 15 seconds after releasing the measurement button to allow time to evaluate settings. T
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